Our Services

Corporate IT Recycling
Complete Solutions for WEEE Waste Including Automatic Notifications & Online Pickup Booking, Transposition, Sorting and Recycling
Consumables Recycling
Comprehensive Toner and Inkjet Waste Recycling Solutions for Every Company.
Telecom Recycling
Complete Telecom Solutions for any Size Organization. We Delicate to Build a Solution to your Needs
Banking Recycling
Turn-Key Solutions that Feeds any Bank Requirements and Security.
Retail Recycling
Customized Solutions Including Design of Program, Recycling Bins, Marketing, Initial Setup, Collection, Reuse, Recycling, Reporting
Data Security
5 Methods of Data Security and Sanitation to your Budget and Security Required Including DOD Erasing, Cutting, Shredding, Burning, Degauss. Onside and Off-Side Solutions.
Identification Removal
Removal of all Retail labels, Asset Tags, Product Labels, User labels, and all Bios Relevant Information
Reverse Logistics
Tailor Made Solutions Including Packing, Logistics, Secure Pick-ups, Product identification, Auditing, Data Erasing, Resale and Recycling.

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