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Cells Phones Recycling


Cell phone recycling is a changeling program we developed and operate with great success. Usually cell phones usually they do not get recycle due to their size even though they are hazardous waste.

Just imagine hundreds of millions of used cell phones and accessories are taken out of service each year around the world as new innovations reach the marketplace. Where are these phones? Are they stored properly? Are they dangerous to our health?

Most people prefer to store them into forgotten drawers or just dump them in the household trash bin. Both ways they are very hazardous and need to be treated as such. Statistics shows that less than 7% of the cell phones are recycled. Where are the rest?


In Cyprus Telli and Cyta-Vodafone developed a program to that any citizen can recycle his/her old phone properly. We currently have more than hundred collection points in all Cytashops and affiliate resellers throughout Cyprus. We are in the process of developing similar partnerships in other territories which we operate. Part of our agreement is to donate 60% of the net revenues from the project to a nonprofit organization every year.



Cell & Smart Phones may contain the following Harmful substance
Lead: Used primarily in soldering of circuit boards and other device components
Effect: Extremely harmful to the human body; damages both the central and peripheral nervous systems; can cause seizures, retardation, high blood pressure, damage to the kidneys and liver; adversely affects child development.
Beryllium: Forms significant portions of electrical connectors and battery contacts
Effect: Long term exposure can be carcinogenic, especially for the lungs. Extreme exposure can lead to a potentially fatal condition known as Acute Beryllium Disease.
Arsenic: Used in some integrated circuits and semiconductors
Effect: Arsenic is a notoriously potent poison; causes severe damage to the digestive tract
Mercury: Can be found to a degree in batteries and circuit boards
Effect: Attacks the central nervous and endocrine systems; harmful to mouth, teeth and gums; poses risk to the neurological development of unborn fetuses.
Antimony: Used in production of diodes and batteries. Pure form used in semiconductor production
Effect: Toxic to humans in ways similar to arsenic; fatal in large doses
Cadmium: Used in soldering, semiconductors and chip resistors
Effect: Potentially carcinogenic; Repeated exposure can damage the lungs, kidneys and liver






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