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I.T. Recycling


Information Technology (IT) recycling and re-use is our main focal point.  We handle anything that has an electrical plug and located in an office.  Through contracts and partnerships we handle such projects in all territories which we operate.  We develop multiple procedures and quality controls to process waste with the most efficient way in order to preserve value and fuctionability.


Telli divides Re-Use in five steps. Each item may be process in a specific stage depending on condition, specifications, availability and other marker or processing factors.
1.    Stage ONE:  Identification.  At this stage we do a visual check of the Waste. The functions we execute are: Indentify, Inspect, and Sort.
2.    Stage Two:  Detail Test. At this stage items are passed from detail tests and repair if needed. We ensure that all major functions are operational. Items that pass this stage are transformed into products. All items that fail the test are recycled.
3.    Stage Three: Quality Test. Here we test the products further in order to identify that all functions are properly functioning on extreme situations.
4.    Stage Four:  New Look. At this stage we perform a new “facelift” or a custom paint procedure to give the product a new look.
5.    Stage Five: Like New. At this stage items are processed to full detail with triple control test, New Packaging materials and 3 year limited warranty.



We develop specialized reverse logistics procedures in order to preserve the waste condition when retired. These procedures ensure items safe transportation and preserve them from damages during the transportation. In Cyprus we maintain our own collection fleet for better customer service. In the new territories we utilize our partner’s fleet or hire licensed transport companies that utilize our procedures.


Telli Recycling Ltd is focusing its operations on Information Technology (IT) and telecommunications (Telecom) waste using Re-Use procedures. As E.U. Directive 185/2011 specifies, management of WEEE is applied via the waste hierarchy, employing the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle.
In IT waste we process among others: Computers, Laptops, Monitors, Printers, TVs, Networking. We also evaluate new production lines that soon will be added to our operations.
In Telecom waste we process Business Phones, and Cell Phones.


As part of our process and commitment to our customers, we implement into our process some important services at no cost.
These services are:
1)    Basic Data Erase:  If you forgot to erase your HD or forgot a CD on the optical drive we will find it and erase or destroyed it.  This is a non-secure process but it is an extra line of defense for you.
2)    Label Removal: We also remove all identifications that may be on the actual device in a form of a service tag, security label, or just the name of the user.







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