Cells Phones Recycling

Cells Phones Recycling



Cell phone recycling is a changeling program we developed and operate. Usually cell phones usually they do not get recycle due to their size even though they are hazardous waste.

Just imagine hundreds of millions of used cell phones and accessories are retired from service each year around the world as new innovations reach the marketplace. Where are these phones? Are they stored properly? Are they dangerous to our health?

Most people prefer to store them into forgotten drawers or just dump them in the household trash bin. Both ways they are very hazardous and need to be treated as such. Statistics shows that less than 7% of the cell phones are recycled. Where are the rest?


We develop a fully automated ERP to handle all pickups and notifications. Every customer or collection point is assigned to a route according to the physical location post code. 7 Days prior to your route you will an email notify you that our Truck or Van will be in your area.  On the same email you can click on the link provided and book your own pickup.  Then all this information will be transfer to the driver tablet.


We recycle all Cell Phones, Smart phones and Accessories and other similar items that contain dangerous substances.


In Cyprus Telli is partner with Cyta-Vodafone and we place recycling bins in their stores and partners. Every user can drop their old phone at these locations.


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