Consumables Recycling

Consumables Recycling



Consumables recycling is introduce by our company in Cyprus back in 2012.  We currently have more than 2500 collection points and adding more daily including many of the largest companies in Cyprus.

We are dedicated to serve any entity that’s wants to recycle within our dedicated monthly routes. Minimum collection qty may be apply.

In Cyprus is estimated that we produce around 200 tons of consumables waste every year


We develop a fully automated ERP to handle all pickups and notifications. Every customer or collection point is assigned to a route according to the physical location post code. 7 Days prior to your route you will an email notify you that our Truck or Van will be in your area.  On the same email you can click on the link provided and book your own pickup.  Then all this information will be transfer to the driver tablet.


We recycle all consumables from Printers, Photocopies, Faxes, Multi-function, and other printing devices.  Waste includes Ink Cartridges, Toners, Ribbons, Drum, Waste Bins, and other consumables that contain dangerous substances.

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