Data Security


At TELLI ENTERPRISES we guarantee the safety of your redundant equipment and its data, from pickups, to transport, to audit and safe destruction or reuse. TELLI ENTERPRISES offers multiple solutions of Data erasure that can be applied to the customers’ needs.

Be implementing total security, We can guaranty that your  are fully cover and comply with GDPR guidelines.

Methods of Data Sanitation

  • Data Erasing

    • Software erasing is the industry leader solution that most of international and fortune 500 companies prefer. Thus because it provides all the assurances and proofs that every hard drive (HDD) is erased and associated with the relevant device (PC, Laptop, Server) by serial number and model.
    •  Erase protocols  Available
      • HMG Infosec Low
      • HMG Infosec High
      • NIST.SP.800
      • DoD 5220.22-M
      • DOD 5220.22-M ECE
      • INFOSEC Standard 5
      • SSD/ATA Baseline
    • An detail erase report will be provided for each device erased including
      • Model & Serial number of Devices
      • Model & Serial number of Drive
      • Protocol Used
      • Timestamp of Erased
      • Other relevant information
    • Applies to PCs, Laptops, Servers and Cell Phones
    • Location:  Onside and Offside

     Is always recommended to leave Hard Drives (HDD) or SSD in the devices in order to maximize the erase success

  • Physical Destruction

    • This solution is for manufacturers or corporations that need assurance that all items or parts are physically destroyed.  We will meet all your requirements at your needs
    • Applies to any asset that you need to be secured destroyed.
    • Location:  Onside and Offside
  •  Burning

    • Burning is a handy solution for hard drives that are old, damage or mix and erasing is impossible to be performed.  Other devices may be accepted but need prior approval.
    • Applies to Hard drive and Media items
    • Location:  Offside  only
  •  Shredding

    • Shredding is the best solution for media.  All media will be shred to 4 mm which assures no data is recoverable.
    • Applies to Media devices  such as CD, DVD, USB, Tapes, Floppy and SSD
    • Location:  Onside and Offside
  •  Cutting

    • Cutting is a solution for loose Hard Drives that can not be erased.  All Items are cut to 4 cm pieces
    • Applies to Metal devices such as Hard Drives
    • Location:  Offside
  • Degaussing

    • We offer portable degauss of 90 db.  This ensures that data is erased and no harmful magnetic fields are created
    • Applies to all Magnetic Devices such Hard Drives and Tapes.
    • Location:  Onside and Offside

Items we can handle

  • Devices with Storage like:

    • Computers,
    • Laptops,
    • Servers,
    • Cell Phones,
  • Media like:

    • CD, DVD,
    • USB,
    • Backup Tapes,
    • VHS, Floppy Disk etc
  • Networking Devices like:

    • IP Phones,
    • Switches,
    • Routers,
  • Other items that are specific to you that contain any sort of data

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