Information Technology Recycling

Information Technology Recycling



Information Technology (IT) recycling and re-use is our main focal point.  We handle anything that has an electrical plug and located in an office.  Through contracts and partnerships we handle such projects in all territories which we operate.  We develop multiple procedures and quality controls to process waste with the most efficient way in order to preserve value.


We develop a fully automated ERP to handle all pickups and notifications. Every customer or collection point is assigned to a route according to the physical location post code. 7 Days prior to your route you will an email notify you that our Truck or Van will be in your area.  On the same email you can click on the link provided and book your own pickup.  Then all this information will be transfer to the driver tablet.

If you sign up to our recycling list you can enjoy FREE pickups for all IT related assets under certain conditions.


Telli Enterprises Ltd is focusing its operations on Information Technology,  Telecom , Banking, and other similar fields


As part of our process and commitment to our customers, we implement into our process label removal that removes all identifications that may be on the actual device in a form of a service tag, security label, or just the name of the user.


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