Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

In this fast moving technological era the life cycle of many products is very limited and as we progress this becomes even shorter. Reverse Logistics is the solution to your Environmental, Security and Liability needs.

This is a service for multinational corporations that want to implement environmental procedures for their assets across the territory they serve.

Telli Enterprises Ltd is the solution. We offer customized services according to each corporation needs, procedures and limitations.

Territories we Serve

Europe, We Serve    Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia

North Africa, We Serve     Egypt, Libya*, Tunisia*, Morocco

Middle East, We Serve      Israel, Jordan, Syria*, Lebanon, Yemen*, Gulf Countries

 * Services provided if security allows.

Services we provide

  • Co-ordination of Logistics
  • Secure Pickup
  • White glove pickup
  • Item collection and packing
  • Inventory/ serial number or stock count
  • Secure shipping
  • Customs Forms and declaration
  • Receiving and product identification
  • Secure data erase
  • Complete Audit and erase reports
  • Recycling of assets
  • Redeployment of assets
  • Resale of assets

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